AP3 Aquapurse


The AP3, named for its 3 sided triangular shape, is roomier than most other similar purpose cages and baskets in the market, benefiting from its length and flat bottom.

  • Intertidal – Along Longlines, across or between Longlines or with Stake Inserts
  • Subtidal – Suspended with Ropes, Webbing or with Rods
  • With Internal spat mesh bags
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Can contain from 8 to 12 dozen Pacifics
  • Nests for both transport and shed/yard storage
  • When filled, the Aquapurse is designed to be neatly stacked and loaded on vehicles, oyster vessels or barges
  • Soft mesh spat bags can be used preferably in the larger 16mm mesh Aquapurse.
  • Available in 16mm, 8mm, 6mm & 3mm mesh size


Length     865mm

Width       345mm

Height      206mm

Weight     1 kg

SKU: 032/790

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