The Optiledge System: Pallet Alternatives for Efficiency and Sustainability


Tooltech Plastics is proud to be the Australian manufacturer & distributor for the Optiledge System

For years, people in the transportation and distribution business have been trying to force-fit loads onto a standard-sized load platform. When the more logical, effective and economical method is to do the opposite—make the load carrier conform to the size and shape of the goods you’re shipping.

The revolutionary, very lean, one-way OptiLedge makes use of a lightweight, L-shaped unit load transport device. These pallet alternatives not only result in unit loads that are integral to the packaged product during its storage and distribution, but they also improve efficiency and are recyclable.

Environmentally Sustainable
The OptiLedge is made of strong, light and durable polypropylene which is easily recycled.  The lightweight Optiledge requires less fuel for transport thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Lower Costs
OptiLedge users consistently save hundreds of dollars—mainly in fuel and labour costs—per container by unitizing goods on the OptiLedge.  Significant savings result from dramatic reduction of labour required to handle imported goods and reduced fuel expenses due to the lighter weight of the OptiLedge.  Other savings include reduced packaging costs and reduced damages.

Efficient Cube Utilization in Containers
The OptiLedge, when not in use, nests together taking up dramatically less storage space than a traditional pallet. As an example, one truckload of OptiLedges would be the equivalent of 23 truckloads of traditional pallets. Goods unitized on the OptiLedge can reduce storage space requirements by up to 30%. The OptiLedge becomes a “custom-sized” unit load base as it fits your product and becomes integral to the unit load.

The OptiLedge weighs under 1kg compared with 23 to 35kgs for a traditional pallet

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